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If you’re like us, you still have vivid school memories of getting In front of the class and presenting an assignment. Those feelings of anxiety and apprehension all stem from one simple fear, a fear of criticism. The fear of your hard work and passion being dismissed is always in the back of any creative’s mind.

Managing this anxiety is tough and can often lead to people’s hard work never seeing the light of day. This anxiety and lack of confidence often carries over to people’s professional life, but there is hope!

Pitching your ideas often have larger implications than just landing a job. A successful presentation can change a company or person's trajectory and can have a trickle-down effect on everyone involved. With the importance of presentations being no surprise to anyone, many studios still cheap out on the material used to present with confidence. High quality, true to life 3d visualizations can help you or your team go into the boardroom fully prepared and feeling excited rather than anxious

With Liquid Mesh Design’s industry leading processes, we’re able to provide accurate and stunning representations of your creativity. Showing clients a true slice of your mind allows you to present with confidence knowing that you’ve got the material to back up your vision and promises. Being able to show multiple configurations of a single space allows clients to view the possibilities and sets a precedent of being able to accommodate and innovate.

Walking into a presentation with 3d visualizations that accurately represents your best work is your best bet at industry success. Our track record of working with industry giants has allowed us to understand that every pixel matters, and we’re ready to give your work the same attention.


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