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Liquid Mesh Design has brought the imagination of designers to life for over a decade, resulting in a portfolio that speaks volumes. With our client base spanning across multiple continents and countries, we'd love to add you to our list of prestigious clients.


With a focus on collaboration, our experience with clients around the world has developed our keen eye for detail and real world application, resulting in 3D visualizations that not only look fantastic but also convey a true representation of your reality. With our extensive knowledge in design and construction, we are ready to be your partner in creating something stunning.

In the years that we have been mastering the art of 3D architectural visualization, we have strived to refine communication and deliver the best possible 3D renders for the industry. This enthusiasm has resulted in streamlined projects, superior service delivery, and most importantly, satisfied clients.


Since Liquid Mesh Design’s conception we have endeavored to follow and expand on our core values. Seeking perfection, chasing knowledge and exceeding expectations form the core values on which Liquid Mesh Design is established.


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