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The Design Digest

At Liquid Mesh Design we’re more than just 3d artists, we’re designers at heart and we’re always keeping our finger on the pulse of what’s new in the architectural and design industry. Here are a few things that caught our eye recently.

Green building taken to a whole new level

The construction industry has been going green to some degree for decades. Sustainable and eco-friendly building materials and methods have become more commonplace in building sites around the globe. Although great, more can be done. 3D printing has come a long way from hobbyists printing plastic keychains in their bedrooms and has become an industrial tool that is evolving rapidly.

Industry leaders in this field is the company To Grow A Building. Their mission is to 3d print buildings by using biomaterials composed of seeds and soils. Designs are coded and sent to a robotic arm which acts as a mobile 3d printer, printing and placing building materials on top of each other. These building blocks are much more than eco bricks used today. These bricks are alive, with seeds sprouting and roots forming creating a living structure for people to live and work in. Click here to read more.

Celebrating the colourful 40 Year history of the Memphis Group

What started as a group of friends talking in 1980 about how the ornament should no longer be considered a design crime, became the massively influential Memphis collective. Forty years after that day, the Milanese collective Paradisiartificiali has chosen to interpret the space of a 15 square metre room paying homage to the maestro.s

“We recently created a new project that originally arose from the client's request to design a staircase to replace the existing spiral one, which was definitely impractical. When the work was already underway, by chance we came across the Wikipedia page dedicated to Memphis, and we discovered that the well-known movement was officially founded in Ettore Sottsass's home on the evening of 11 December 1980. We immediately felt the desire to try to turn this discovery into something special. We had to try to interpret the space entrusted to us as a real celebration of this important anniversary: 40 years since the birth of Memphis! We thought that the best way to express our gratitude towards the Maestro was to pay homage to him with a dedication in which, as in a rebus, Space and Signs merge: thus was born” - Studio Paradisiartificiali

AI and architecture- a creative endeavour

Rethink Earth Architecture is an ongoing experiment by the Indian architecture firm TAT Atelier Architecture. With the help of Midjourney, the team visualised surreal, organic structures on earth and beyond. The team aims to explore the possibilities of AI in the architecture field and is speculating about what architecture could become in the future.

TAT Atelier is using the exercise to show that AI can help enrich architecture and help architects and designs think differently about what’s possible. With projects like Midjourney and DALL·E, creatives in all fields can explore possibilities beyond their imagination and perhaps find the spark that leads to the next architectural revolution.


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