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At Liquid Mesh Design we’re taking you behind the scenes and sharing a few insider tips to ensure your next visualization project goes off without a hitch. With all facets of construction and design, timing and preparation are key. Below we’ll explore a few things that might cause a delay in your 3d render and how to avoid it.

With designs always being tweaked to client’s specifications delays can be transferred over to your 3D render, leading to missed deadlines and lost clients. Booking your visuals in advance is your safest bet to ensure your final renders are delivered on spec and on schedule. With adequate time dedicated to the 3d rendering process your team will have time to really digest and tweak visuals to ensure satisfactory and optimal results. Considering the high expectations that come with clients, taking the time to adequately prepare is essential.

Booking in advance also allows your visualizer to get to grips with the design via discovery meetings. These meetings are essential in establishing your target market and conveying your message via visual storytelling, ultimately resulting in purposeful visuals that hit the mark and gives a true to life application.

Creating lifelike visuals start with a strong foundation. In the early phases of the visualization process having clear, high resolution assets such as textures and finishes give your 3d render the building blocks to become something fantastic. With accurate and up to spec textures visible in your visual, your clients can be assured of accuracy from floor to ceiling.

The 3d visualization process is fluid and allows for changes to ensure the final render is as lifelike and accurate as possible. Taking diligent notice of possible variations and changes allows for less back and forth and drastically cuts down of turnaround time, allowing you to deliver to your client ahead of schedule. With multiple sets of changes available you’ll always be able to show progress and variations, leading to clients that fell like they’re in the loop and being heard.

With time versus quality debate always in the back of designers’ minds, these tips can help you complete your next project without compromise. To get your next project started on the right foot, book you’re Liquid Mesh Design discovery meeting today.


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