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The one thing that differentiates a great piece of art from a good piece is the narrative. Being able to see a story unfold before your eyes is a great tool to get viewers emotionally involved and helps to create a lasting memory. With 3d rendering being at the forefront of presentation media, it’s no wonder the conversation of narrative has entered the space. Showing life, movement and even sparking emotions are all possible with highly detailed 3d visualization. Understanding not only your client but also the people who will be interacting with your space helps you to create this bond between building and person.

At Liquid Mesh Design we’ve tailored our process to not only understand the scope of work but to also delve deeper and to understand the minor details that elevate a presentation from every day to extraordinary. By creating a 3D visualization of the design in its real-world context, we can help your audience understand how the design fits into its surroundings. Delving deeper into the context of a space allows us to show the surroundings, weather, people and any other elements of your design, really showing your clients what they can expect from their new space.

3D visualization can evoke an emotional response from the audience by showcasing the design in a visually stunning and immersive way. This can help the audience connect with the design on a deeper level and appreciate its beauty and functionality. Guiding an entire boardroom on a journey, stopping by key elements on the way is a surefire way to get audiences engaged and invested.

Although every 3d visualization firm says they go the extra mile, we here at Liquid Mesh Design go the extra pixel, always ensuring that your next design is as accurate, realistic and pixel-perfect as possible.


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