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Selling a promise of a beautiful design is tough and gaining a client’s trust, even harder. Asking potential clients to invest large sums of money and even larger chunks of their time to your vision, requires you to not only perform but also to stand out from the crowd. Clients have grown accustomed to knowing exactly what they’re paying before they commit. In the past, design professionals have been able to convey their ideas through samples, mood boards and references. Although these methods are helpful, they often lack the emotional connection that is required to push a sale or to make an impactful impression.

With tight purse strings and fierce competition, you might be feeling the urge to pack up the drawing board, but we might just be able to give you the advantage you need.

When it comes to selling, visuals are key. A Nielsen study found that media that evokes emotions increase sales by 23% compared to unemotive advertisements.

Showing potential clients their dream home, office space or any other construction project is the perfect situation to get their emotions flowing. Knowing your client’s needs, tastes and style, and exhibiting them in a true to life visual is your ace in the hole.

3D Visualization gives you the best possible way of illustrating your vision. From a marketing perspective, 3D rendering helps combine eye-catching visuals with emotion-rich narratives to help give clients a sense of ownership and pride before the first brick has been laid. Showing off various options and possibilities helps drive home the fact that your creativity is their greatest asset and leads to the clients feeling like the possibilities are endless.

As 3D visualizations have become more commonplace in presentations, and marketing campaigns partnering with a 3D visualizations expert that understands your vision and can help convey the emotions you want, this is the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

At Liquid Mesh Design, we’ve been telling client’s stories through the medium of 3D visualization for decades and we’re ready to share your story with the world.


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