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Throughout our years of providing 3D visualizations to the retail and hospitality industries' greatest designers, we've seen trends transform into industry standards. With 2021 nearing an end we're looking back at the year's trends that might become future classics.

Engaging shoppers

Since 2020 the shopping experience has shifted dramatically with online ordering and curbside pickup becoming the norm. But, with stores now slowly moving back to daily operations, retailers need to remain competitive with online retail and creating a worthwhile experience for their clients is their greatest asset.

Retailers and designers have to create a store that is engaging and entertaining whilst not neglecting the importance of modern COVID-19 precautions. With an engaging store your clients can be treated to an experience rather than a simple shopping trip.

Minimalist Merchandising

2021 is the year of change when it comes to retail merchandising. Gone are the days of overflowing shelves and isles filled to the brim. Instead, stores have adopted a more stylish and intentional merchandising scheme in an attempt to allure shoppers away from their screens and thus creating a shopping experience that no website can compete with.

Comfortable Home-Like Design

Retailers aim to to create an environment that invites customers to feel safe and comfortable through strategic home-like design.

The retail and hospitality sector has adopted an intimate design language with the thinking being that when clients are comfortable and familiar, they are more likely to spend time and money in their establishments.

Natural Lighting

When natural light is available, stores are using their design and layout to maximise the light’s effect. With studies showing that natural light boosts mood and also highlight products effectively, natural light has become an indispensable asset to those lucky enough to have it.

Choosing the correct color temperature that is measured by its K (kelvin) rating of LED bulbs is integral to a retail space. Bulbs with a rating of 4,000 to 4,500K can create a desired natural lighting effect.


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