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Races are often won in the final stretch. Imagine training months for a marathon and not giving it your all when the finish line is in sight. While we have a few active runners in the Liquid Mesh Design office, we’re not talking about the joys of park running, but rather how presentations help you seal the deal on your design or construction project.

Throughout our years of working with design professionals we understand the grueling work that goes into completing a project and seeing all that work not be showcased in a fitting manner is heart-breaking. In the world of construction and design, selling and showcasing is the difference between a payday and going back to the drawing board or worse, losing a client. Damaging a client relationship because of a lack of proper budget allocation to presentation material is a very real, yet preventable problem.

The presentation is often the last thing designers think about when completing a project, seeing it as a necessary evil and not an important part of the design process. Whether you’re marketing an upcoming development or presenting to a client, showing them anything besides the best possible representation of your design is insulting to both your designers and the client. Although budgets are often already stretched razor thin, leaving adequate budget towards your marketing/presentation visuals needs is a must.

As the world of 3d visualization has evolved, so has its application in presentations. With a variety of mediums including static renders, VR, and animations your presentation can be truly immersive. Combining a variety of mediums and showing your clients exactly what you envision for their structure helps set you apart from your competition in pixel perfect detail.

So, before you pinch pennies on an essential step of your presentation contact us, and let’s see how we can make your next project one you can be proud of.


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