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In September we set the mood on our various social platforms and we shed some light on one of the most powerful tools in a designer’s arsenal...mood lighting.

Lighting has many benefits for both residential and commercial applications and 3D Visualization is the perfect tool to showcase your design. Having 3D Artists who are capable of delivering your vision in a realistic and pleasing way offers the opportunity to convey intent and give a glimpse of things to come.

With the right balance of intensity and colour temperature, creating a mood for your space can be as easy as flipping a switch. At Liquid Mesh Design we specialize in recreating and simulating your space's lighting in stunning detail, creating a natural and realistic depiction that is client ready.

Highlighting your design's features and allowing the eye to naturally drift to a space's stand out feature gives you the opportunity to make a statement at first glance. With expert and meaningful lighting via 3D visualization Liquid Mesh Design delivers both form and function to your team’s work.

Conveying your designs’ aesthetics to a client in traditional formats often lacks the true emotive representation of real-life applications. Setting the mood for an intended space allows clients to visualize themselves interacting with your design and offers the opportunity to simulate different circumstances and environments via lighting. From day to night, focused to moody and ambient, 3D visualization gives you to ability to showcase the future and its possibilities.

With all the challenges involved with the design process it helps to catch a sneak peak of the light at the end of the tunnel. Having a strong lighting foundation at your disposal allows your design elements to capture the intended mood and creates a more efficient and coordinated design process.

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