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Money makes the world go round and is often one of the biggest determining factors in any purchase, and 3d visualization is no different. Although we’d love to have a one price fits all pricing scheme, a few factors determine how much of your precious budget you’ll have to allocate to your rendering fund. Below we’ll explore a few factors that impact the cost of your next Liquid Mesh Design project.

Number of views.

Every project is different and requires a specialized approach, but one pricing factor remains constant. The number of views being crafted directly corelates to studio capacity and obviously impacts deadlines. Determining how many views your presentation or marketing campaign requires will be the largest contributing factor to your fee and requires careful consideration.

Project Size, Scope, and Detail

Not all projects are created equal and finding a balance between detail and financial viability is crucial. With any construction or design-oriented field, size, and detail correlate to hours of work required to complete a task. 3D visualization is no exception with the smallest details often taking the most time and thus driving up the cost. Finding the balance between what is required, and wat will truly be noticed by clients will help increase your return on investment of your visualization endeavours.


The devil is in the deadline and time is money. With standard lead teams raging from 5-10 days, rush jobs often set the studio back and thus grinds the wheels of productivity to a grinding halt. With deadlines often out of the control of designers and architects we understand and try to help where possible. Although we try our best to help accommodate all our clients with the same balance between time and quality, rushing a project often leads to late nights and angry partners. Establishing timelines and deadlines and accounting for unforeseen issues will help your rendering budget stretch further, leaving your accounting team smiling.


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