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In the current digital landscape, there is no shortage of platforms to upload, engage and view portfolios from design professionals around the globe. With this crowded eco system, standing out from the crowd might seem like an impossible task. But with the help of Liquid Mesh Design and the latest CGI technology your portfolio can be brought to the next level.


  • With client often picking a less creative option of your work you might feel like your portfolio does not reflect a true representation of your ability. With 3D visualization your portfolio has the potential to show a creative flair that otherwise would not be possible with traditional media.

  • With your projects often being defined by a single flagship image you might often feel like your best work is left on the cutting room floor.

The most effective way of making your portfolio memorable is with imagery. Traditionally, photography has served as the largest portion of an interior designer’s portfolio but we’re here to give you a taste of the future.

Highlighting your design's features and allowing the eye to naturally drift to a space's stand out feature gives you the opportunity to make a statement at first glance. With expert and meaningful lighting via 3D visualization Liquid Mesh Design delivers both form and function to your team’s work.


  • 3D visualization allows your portfolio to include upcoming projects and conceptual spaces that otherwise might have never seen the light of day.

  • With 3D rendering you can present alternative takes of completed work allowing for content to be created out of completed assets.

  • With the current globalization of the design industry, actually getting the opportunity to see your work in person might be improbable and with lighting conditions not always being ideal your work might never be captured in the way you envisioned. With CGI the perfect lighting can be simulated and multiple moods can be created without waiting for mother nature to play along.

You owe it to your creativity to make your work stand out and really give potential clients a true reflection of what can be expected from you. Don’t let the limitations of reality stifle your genius. Contact us and let’s show the world what you can do


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