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With every agency trying to sell you on more, we’re breaking the mould and promising you less.

Less late nights

With the design process often stretching designers‘ workday razor thin, spilling into evenings, evenings that should be spent relaxing, recharging and spending time with loved ones - we’re here to help. Acting as a design partner, Liquid Mesh Design has honed our processes to cater to designers in need. From presentation preparation to art direction, Liquid Mesh Design is always here to take tasks of your plate.

Throughout Liquid Mesh Design’s history, we’ve catered and tailored our processes to accommodate and enhance our international clients’ experience; leveraging our time zone to the advantage of our clients, delivering what seemed impossible.

By continuing the workflow in your downtime, you can expect your project to be in your inbox first thing in the morning, leaving you to continue your workday without delay.

Less rejected pitches

Every design’s purpose is ultimately client satisfaction, often to the dismay of designers. No one likes rejection and minimizing the crushing defeat of a failed pitch is essential. Through the power of 3D photo-realistic rendering, Liquid Mesh Design can offer our clients a higher success rate and ultimately help them become a more profitable agency.

By harnessing the potential of 3D visualization we can show your clients your vision, highlighting stand out features while staying true to your art direction and the project’s needs. Stepping into a pitch meeting ahead of schedule and prepared, helps establish your agency as a sales force to be reckoned with.

Less missed deadlines

Priding ourselves on our artistic vision and methods, we're always finding new ways to speed up our processes, resulting in an industry-leading turnaround time. Our processes have been crafted to optimize every aspect of our business with client communication being high on our list. Through a visual medium you can easily send clients updates and receive feedback, reducing time wasted and ensuring deadlines are met

Less unforeseen issues

Although no one can predict the future, that does not mean you can’t be prepared. With lifelike 3D visualization, designers can spot issues and find solutions early, leading to innovative solutions in the construction process. This level of preparedness fueled by 3D rendering not only saves time and money, but gives clients confidence and eases nerves


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