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We’ve talked about the advantages of outsourcing at length in a previous blog. (link) Although there are numerous advantages, in today’s economy saving money is probably the most important. This week, we’ll be exploring how partnering with an external rendering partner can help you stretch your budget while not neglecting the final results

Pay As You Go

The cost of hiring an in-house 3d visualizer is not just limited to a monthly salary. Staff onboarding and hardware costs often take years to recoup and with staff turnover being at an all-time high, this cost might never be justified. Having a single 3d visualizer on staff can be problematic with the expression “putting all your eggs in one basket” coming to mind.

With boutique and smaller agencies often only doing a handful of projects per year, having a full-time employee that is not required at all times makes little financial sense. The hardware required to create high-quality visuals in a timely fashion does not come cheap. With global GPU and chip shortages not going away anytime soon, the cost of building and maintaining a rendering rig has skyrocketed.

This high price paired with regular upgrades often proves unviable to studios who only require 3d visualizations on a semi-regular basis. Dedicated 3d visualization providers have access to top-of-the-line equipment and software that will often prove to be an unsensible investment to many agencies both big and small.

Time is Money

Picture a group of workers working behind the scenes, churning out perfect projects day after day on top-notch equipment. The combined years of experience in a dedicated 3d visualization studio allows work to leave the production floor at a pace that is very hard to match with a one- or two-person in-house team.

With a team of dedicated artists that live and breathe 3d visualization, your work can be in your inbox before you know it. With dedicated 3d rendering studios being paid per project not per hour, they are motivated to get it right the first time. This dedication to precision and speed paired with a massive library of 3d assets, offers the perfect balance between quality and deadlines.

Liquid Mesh Design has helped studios across all continents showcase their work in the best light possible and we’re always ready to deliver that experience to you.


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