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Every design professional possess key skills that make their designs work.

Below we've compiled a few characteristics that we think separate the pros

from the hobbyists.


With every space having the ability to tell a story it’s up to designers and architects to bring that story to the world. Whether you're telling the story of a family’s life in their new home or the future of a business with their new office, the story is created brick by brick.

With 3d visualization’s ability to bring your story to life, your renders act as a cover of the book that your design is writing. Adding visual elements to your idea cements your vision into the client’s mind, leading to more successful pitches and presentations.


The design process is filled with opportunities for problems to arise and it's up to the design professional to not only overcome these problems but also foresee them. This sixth sense allows for creative problem solving and often leads to innovation in the design space, resulting in improved processes and higher client satisfaction.

3d Visualization allows designers to see a clear picture of their final design and helps spot potential issues before construction has begun. Due to the high levels of detail and clarity in Liquid Mesh Design’s renders, professionals can truly see into the future.


Taking risks are commonplace in most creative fields and design and construction are no exception. Whether it is creating something new or finding a new solution to problems, designers take risks to achieve what they know are possible.

Making sure your risks will pay off is key in establishing your reputation as an innovator, disrupter and thought leaders. Risks get way less scary for clients when every aspect can be visualized, your concept can be shown, and trust can be established.


Every space is determined by its purpose. Having a design follow an aesthetically pleasing look and feel combined with a smart and functional user experience, adds a new dimension to your work and results in the complete package expected by clients. The old saying “form follows function” is a cautious reminder to the design industry to always highlight how a client will interact, live, or work in your space.

With 3d visualizations' staging capabilities we can help you achieve harmony in your design and find the perfect middle ground and help you establish yourself as a well-rounded

design professional


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