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In our constant pursuit of improving client service, we had a sit down with Dessiner Interior Architectural to discuss the ins and outs of being a Liquid Mesh Design client.

How has 3d visualization impacted the way you do presentations?

"With the visual nature of our work, having visuals that take the guess work out of our presentations allow our sales team to convey our ideas. Being able to show multiple variations of a space helps narrow down client expectations and leads to a speedier pitch process"

Have you noticed an increased success rate with pitches when using visualization?

"3D visuals have given us an advantage to show clients their potential space in a real-life application. This has historically upped our success rate compared to other presentation methods. Clients are always impressed by the minute details we are able to capture, this allows them to envision their future in the space and usually seals the deal"

With remote working and social distancing becoming the norm, how has Liquid Mesh Design impacted your client experience?

"With daily operations transforming radically in the last year due the pandemic having a digital file accessible from anywhere has eased our working from home growing pains and allowed the wheels to keep turning. Being able to keep clients updated on progress has enabled our client experience to keep improving with every project. With your array of pre-lims being sent to our teams we can easily make changes on the fly and keep our clients in the loop"

How has working with Liquid Mesh Design impacted the timelines of your projects?

Our workflow has transformed and adapted to heavily rely on 3d’s . Having everyone on the same page and working off the same images has saved us countless hours and back and forth. An unexpected advantage was catching mistakes and oversights early, saving time in the future and really giving our clients confidence in our abilities


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