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At Liquid Mesh Design we understand interior design and the problems that go along with the profession. Our years of working side by side with design professionals from around the globe has shown us that the common issues that occur are universal. We strive to not only create stunning visuals for the design community, but also make the daily lives of designers easier and more efficient. This week we’re exploring these common issues and how we can potentially eliminate or alleviate them from your lives.

Managing Time

Between back and forth with clients’ changes and issues in construction, managing your time as an interior designer can be a nightmare. With the visual nature of 3D visualization your team and clients can have a centralized source of info leaving very little open to interpretation and therefore eliminating a lot of back and forth and miscommunication. Minor changes often lead to major time delays and headaches. Due to the nature of our 3D rendering process, changes can be made on the fly and your team is able to get back on track in a flash.

Selling Your Vision

Showing off what your creativity is capable off is often challenging or impossible. Trying to convey what you’re capable off by showing floor plans and mood boards often leave a lot to the imagination and leaves room for error. With our collaborate processes Liquid Mesh Design can help bring your vision to life pixel by pixel.

Managing Client Expectations

More likely than not, you’ve worked with a client with sky-high expectations. As with any creative profession, managing and understanding client expectations is tough and 3d visualization might be just what you need to succeed. By having a visual interpretation to show clients you can be sure that you’re creating something that will not only satisfy but also exceed their expectations.


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