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A quick google search related to 3d visualization will yield a massive amount of info and opinions, but how much can you really believe? With 3d visualization hitting the mainstream and becoming the norm in many architecture and design studios around the world, there is sure to be a few myths popping up in everyone’s newsfeeds. We’re here to set a few things straight and clear up a few common misconceptions related to 3d visualization.

3D Renders are expensive.

Figuring out if a product or service is expensive is directly related to the value that it brings. Setting aside a portion of your budget for a pretty picture seems ridiculous, and it is! 3d Visualizations however are so much more than just a pretty picture. High quality, accurate 3d visualizations have the potential to bring value to various stages of the design process and often helps save or even make money.

From spotting problems early, to landing more jobs, it is often more costly to not use a 3d visualization service. Picture a client walking into a space and seeing a combination of finishes and furniture for the first time and hating it. Although mood boards and other presentation materials can help set the scene, a 3d render really shows them what to expect. Having multiple options available helps clients really them narrow down what they want, and a ensures them leaving feeling excited and confident in your abilities. This level of trust is often the key factor in repeat business and acquiring a lifelong client.

3d Renders are only for massive scale companies and projects

Although most of the largest architecture and design firms do make use of 3d visualizations, that does not mean that you have to be left out on the biggest architectural innovation in recent years. From product and furniture renders to full blown property development projects, the core value principals of 3d visualizations ring true. A small interior design firm’s first projects gain just as much, if not more, value from 3d visualizations than large operations.

Partnering with a well-rounded 3d visualization provider helps act as a design partner and is often the missing link to help propel your agency to the next level. At Liquid Mesh Design we’ve helped everyone from boutique design studios to multinational architectural firms deliver their best work and we’d love to do the same for you.

3d Renders are only suited for final designs and can’t be changed.

3d Renders are the best way to show your final design, however the 3d visualization process is flexible and can be utilised at any step in your design process. From early proof of concepts to progress reports, 3d renders help you visualize your thoughts and ideas. When it comes to delivering a final product, the rendering process can begin before final designs have been completed. As details become finalised, they can be added to the visualization, leading to a more streamlined rendering proses and saving precious time.

The end goal of any 3d visualization service is to showcase the best possible version of your work, by any means possible. At Liquid Mesh Design we cater to our clients needs and goals, and our processes have been created to accommodate every client’s unique needs.


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